Anti-Vaxxers Turn Violent And Break Through Barricades At Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

by Msnbctv news staff

It was an unpleasant scene exterior of Brooklyn’s Barclays Heart earlier than the NBA’s Nets tipped off for his or her house opener as anti-vaxxers stormed the world and broke down barricades.

Right here was the scene:


The world was placed on lockdown, and the group combine was described by observers as “bizarre:”

The gang combine isn’t that bizarre when one understands the place the anti-vax motion overlaps. The Trumpers have merged with the far left RFK Jr. anti-vaxxers to push a poisonous mix of lies and misinformation concerning the COVID vaccine.

There are in all probability additionally a number of Nets followers there who simply need anti-vaxxer and flat earther Kyrie Irving to be allowed to play basketball. Irving is at the moment not allowed to play or be close to the group due to his refusal to get vaccinated.

The protest in Brooklyn is the primary time that anti-vaxxers have proven up and gotten bodily. Trump made COVID mitigation political, and similar to along with his Large Lie, the tip result’s mob violence.


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