People reveal their most common nightmares :

by Msnbctv news staff

If you’re like the common particular person, the percentages are that you just not solely have the occasional nightmare, however most individuals are likely to have some recurring ones that plague them time and again. I for one have this one nightmare the place I had promised my outdated highschool theater trainer (Shoutout to Mr. Okay) that I might be off-book and able to carry out the lead position in a play I used to be forged in, and that I might not must rehearse with the remainder of the forged. I then notice the morning of the opening night time I FORGOT TO LEARN MY LINES, and now the entire play is gonna be ruined due to me. The phobia! The SHAME!!

I assume my recurring nightmare has some psychological metaphor rooted in being stressed about not being ready for all times, or one thing like that. However regardless of what number of instances I’ve it, I at all times assume it’s actually taking place and it wakes me as much as a chilly sweat.

That’s my one unusual nightmare, however let’s hear from some others what are theirs…

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