Why Won’t Americans Drink Tea?

by Msnbctv news staff

“I don’t need something caffeinated do you’ve gotten any Peppermint Wimp Juice? Oh, do you serve Candy Wimp Juice? I’ll take that then- one Candy Wimp Juice.” 


People drink espresso due to poisonous masculimp juice.

In fact, it’s a bit hyperbolic to say that loving vans and misogyny is the one cause People love tea. Certainly there have been these entire tea events in Boston and Charleston, proper? And that’s point- tea consumption in America did plummet after the Townshend Act and Tea Act imposed large taxes on tea within the British colonies. However what’s additionally true is these acts have been designed to tax issues that Britain thought the colonies would solely get from Britain.

 Even then, America was averse to rising their very own leaf as a result of it wasn’t fashionable sufficient to pay the payments. Positive, we might import it from China, however in line with Dr. Frank, People at the moment have been fearful about Chinese language imports having smallpox. Arduous to think about People imposing hardship on themselves due to worry of Chinese language imports, I do know. So tea was ripe for taxing as a result of People have been too xenophobic to get it from anyplace however Britain and too grasping to develop any themselves. (I gotta admit- that does sound like us.)

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