Insectta rears black soldier flies to turn food waste into biomaterials

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“Insectta suits into that ecosystem of insect farming, however we’re not an insect farm. Our specialisation is creating the know-how to extract high-value biomaterial from the black soldier fly,” identified Chua Kai-Ning, co-founder of Insectta.

Insect farms are now not associated to severe hobbyists or seen as a fringe exercise to a choose few, however they’re now a brand new and thriving commerce that’s set on altering Singapore’s agricultural scene.

Insectta is among the pioneers of the black soldier fly commerce in Singapore, which has paved the best way for the rising variety of insect farm right here.

From combating the ‘ick’ issue to stumbling upon a gold mine, Kai-Ning shares with us the ins and outs of working Singapore’s first black solider fly biotech firm.

Waste valorisation with the black soldier fly

Picture Credit score: Insectta

Insect farming is under no circumstances a brand new commerce, however what modified the sport is the black soldier fly. It’s a typically innocent insect that doesn’t chunk or sting, and is supplied with one superpower: their voracious urge for food.

A talent that I’m certain many people in Singapore can relate to, the black soldier fly can eat as much as 4 instances their physique weight and are even higher at consuming meals waste.

When the black soldier fly consumes all this natural materials, their frass (their waste product) can be utilized as plant fertiliser.

“This unlocked a model new factor in insect farming the place bugs will not be only a low affect supply of protein. Now, they’ve the potential to valorise waste,” defined Kai-Ning.

Chua kai-ning of Insectta
Picture Credit score: Insectta

An environmentalist at coronary heart, the potential of the black soldier fly to ameliorate Singapore’s meals waste was one thing that spoke to Kai-Ning. Additionally it is according to Singapore’s 30 by 30 objective, which goals to supply 30 per cent of our personal meals by 2030.

Nevertheless, as time went on, it appeared that having an insect farm was not a sustainable path to pursue.

We quickly realised that even when we construct probably the most environment friendly and superb black soldier fly farm, sadly, Singapore doesn’t have a robust agriculture trade. We don’t have the means to help the financial system of scale. Manpower is dear and on high of that, land may be very costly. The insect farming mannequin was not going to work out in Singapore.

In order a enterprise, that basically led us to suppose, what extra worth can we seize from the black soldier fly? Agricultural merchandise can’t be all there’s to it.

– Chua Kai-Ning, co-founder of Insectta

From insect farm to biotech firm

Whereas Insectta began as an insect farm, their enterprise mannequin has developed into one thing else altogether. It doesn’t compete, however quite, enhances insect farming as an alternative.

“With the same old black soldier fly farming route, the larvae are harvested and used as animal feed, and the larvae poo (or the frass) is harvested and used as a fertiliser. Nevertheless, over right here at Insectta, it’s completely different. We let the larvae develop into the cocoon, after which to adults,” mentioned Kai-Ning.

insectta black soldier fly
Picture Credit score: Insectta

In Insectta’s extraction mannequin, they use the cocoon shells after they’ve hatched.

“Lots of people will suppose that’s such an odd mannequin, to let the bugs breed continuous and take the cocoon shells,” mused Kai-Ning.

“That is the place it’s important to perceive how Insectta suits into the provision chain,” she continued. “We don’t need to be the farmers of the insect as a result of Singapore shouldn’t be the place to do the farming. As a substitute, what we do is we method farms round Southeast Asia, and we take their byproducts off them, which is the cocoon shells.”

That is the place issues get fascinating. These biomaterials extracted by Insectta are utilized in high-value industries equivalent to cosmetics, prescribed drugs, and bioelectronics.

It’s a quite revolutionary discovery as a result of what Insectta has basically developed is a method to get high-value biomaterials from meals waste itself.

Overcoming the ‘ick’ issue

Kai-Ning is assured that insect farming is the long run however feels that “there’s no method we’re going to have a market if this era grows up frightened of bugs.”

As such, she deems the “ick issue” as one of many largest obstacles to getting Insectta up and working. In any case, the black soldier fly shouldn’t be precisely probably the most cuddly of creatures.

“As a co-founder, it’s not nearly having a product that is superb; client schooling and outreach half are equally vital as effectively,” mentioned Kai-Ning.

Within the early days, each Kai-Ning and her co-founder would market their merchandise to nurseries, however she discovered that since most nursery house owners are older, they had been additionally much less open-minded about ‘insect poo’ stocking their cabinets.

“They’re like, ‘Insect poo? Eee, so disgusting. Are there maggots eggs inside? Are there bugs inside?’” recounted Kai-Ning. After all, the irony of the scenario is that these nurseries additionally inventory the likes of hen manure and vermicast (worm poop), with which they’re fully comfortable.

Picture Credit score: Insectta

For Kai-Ning, the entire ‘ick’ round bugs is actually all within the thoughts. She finds it ironic that persons are positive with sure insect merchandise like honey, which is basically “bee vomit”.

We maintain it in such excessive regard that it’s even acceptable to place it on our face and eat it, however most discover different bugs “disgusting”, she famous.

The one option to change this notion is with client schooling with a purpose to “breed constructive emotions along with bugs”. That is additionally why she has branded Insectta as extra of a way of life product to assist change the best way folks view bugs.

We had been the primary to deliver black soldier fly to Singapore. We had been additionally the primary for a lot of, many issues, not solely the idea, enterprise, but in addition the laws as effectively.

We had been those who labored with the Agri-Meals and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to provide you with tips for insect farming in Singapore. Every thing from the manpower to biosecurity, to how the place can be raised, was all completed by us.

– Kai-Ning, co-founder of Insectta

The goldmine of chitosan and melanin

In addition to their outreach and teaching programs, Insectta is within the enterprise of extracting biomaterials which might be extremely precious and profitable, equivalent to chitosan and melanin.

Insectta, chitosan
Picture Credit score: Insectta

One of many merchandise that Insectta produces is chitosan, which is a carbohydrate that’s refined from chitin.

It comes with a myriad of advantages: it’s anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and moisturising. Given its many advantageous qualities, chitosan is already utilized in many agricultural and pharmaceutical merchandise.

As nice as chitosan is, the best way it’s produced is unsustainable. Chitosan is at present being produced from shrimp and crab shells, which includes mining marine sources that injury aquaculture is pollutive as effectively.

In distinction, the strategies that Insectta makes use of to extract chitosan from black soldier fly use lesser chemical substances and produces much less wastewater discharge than historically produced chitosan.

“What producers and shoppers are getting may be very high-quality chitosan. That’s extra sustainable from the supply in addition to the tactic of manufacturing,” mentioned Kai-Ning.

Insectta at present provides chitosan that’s being utilized in an anti-microbial spray for produce which might be marketed to massive supermarkets. Whereas chitosan is already established within the subject, the problem is getting producers to modify, which isn’t too troublesome.

However, melanin is the true cash maker.

Melanin is a pigment that happens naturally in our our bodies that makes our pores and skin tan and hair darkish. Nevertheless, it is vitally costly to supply by itself, which is why it’s so precious. To present you a ballpark, the market worth for melanin is about S$2,000 per gram.

“I’ve a small vial of melanin right here that’s price S$4,000, so I’m carrying S$4,000 price of product in my bag on a regular basis,” mentioned Kai-Ning with amusing as she held the bottle over our Zoom name.

Melanin is at present being researched as a most cancers remedy. Additionally it is biodegradable and biocompatible with electronics, so it may be utilized in implants that go beneath your pores and skin. Melanin will also be utilized in 3D printing circuits, so the probabilities are countless.

“The entire concept is that melanin generally is a biodegradable and biocompatible alternative for lots of issues like heavy metals and most cancers remedy and all that. The one dangerous factor about melanin is that it’s so costly. So it will possibly’t exit out of academia as it’s too costly for use commercially,” defined Kai-Ning additional.

The explanation why it’s so costly is that melanin is uncommon. It’s very onerous to extract and onerous to supply in a lab. Moreover, it’s of very low yield as effectively. Since so little might be extracted at a time, its shortage makes it all of the extra precious.

As such, what Insectta has completed is to develop a patented know-how that permits them to extract melanin, basically from meals waste utilizing the black soldier fly as an middleman.

Insectta as a hatchery to produce to different farms

Aside from extracting biomaterials, Insectta additionally features as a hatchery supplying eggs to different insect farms.

Breeding the black soldier fly is a quite tedious and cumbersome course of. By having a hatchery, smaller insect farms don’t need to dedicate a big portion of their sources to breeding and deal with different parts of the farm.

In the meanwhile, you might even see small black solider fly initiatives popping up throughout Singapore and most of them have opened with our assist. We’re those who suggested them on the rules of rearing bugs and all that.

We wish the black solider fly trade to develop effectively. These farms that produce insect merchandise will not be our rivals. We see them as collaborators as a result of they’re those that we’re going to finally buy the uncooked materials from.

– Kai-Ning, co-founder of Insectta

Apart from all of Insectta’s achievements, one thing significant to Kai-Ning because the co-founder of Insectta is how she will contribute to STEM (science, know-how, engineering, and arithmetic).

“One factor that not too long ago has dawned on me, not resulting from my introspection, however what different folks telling me is that Insectta is an instance of exhibiting that younger girls can come and go into STEM. Even with no STEM background, you may nonetheless contribute to the STEM trade.”

Certainly, Insectta is extra than simply about bugs. What they’re doing with waste valorisation to biomaterial extraction is thrilling and groundbreaking.

With their plans to scale as much as an influence plant subsequent yr, Insectta is on the forefront of innovation they usually’re solely simply beginning out.

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