Rachel Maddow Makes The Case For Trump Being Prosecuted For Obstruction Of Justice

by Msnbctv news staff

Rachel Maddow says that Trump confessed to obstruction of justice on tv, and he’s nonetheless throughout the statute of limitations.

Rachel Maddow Talks Trump’s Prison Confession


Maddow stated:

The identical former president this weekend final evening instructed an interview on the Fox Information Channel that he fired the FBI Director James Comey when he was president so as to cease FBI investigations that he believed would lead to him being eliminated as president. He simply volunteered this data. He stated, quote, don’t neglect, I fired Comey. Had I not fired Comey, you may not be speaking to me proper now about my 4 years on the White House. He stated, quote, I don’t assume I might have survived if I didn’t fireplace him. He doesn’t imply he’d be lifeless. He means he couldn’t have survived as president. He couldn’t have made it 4 years as president. 

Due to the FBI investigations in place underneath Comey that stood to take away him from workplace, so he fired the FBI director in order to divert these investigations. With a view to maintain himself in energy. He simply admitted that’s why he did it and that it labored. That’s how he managed to remain in workplace for 4 years. 

That is just like the factor you hope to love, you understand, entrap any person into saying. That is the factor you hope to, like, tape any person by accident admitting to any person who doesn’t know that they’re going to get in hassle for saying it.

This is in confessing. I’ll simply say, not a lawyer, however theoretically, if somebody have been going to carry an obstruction of justice prosecution towards him for that, firing the FBI Director in order to eliminate the investigation that stood to take away him from workplace, if any person have been going to carry an obstruction of justice prosecution for that, we’re nonetheless throughout the statute of limitations if that actually was on against the law. I’m simply saying. And he did simply confess to that intimately on nationwide TV final evening. I can ship you the transcript.

Trump Overtly Confesses As a result of He Has At all times Gotten Away With His Crimes

Trump blurts out confessions as a result of he has by no means been held criminally chargeable for his actions in his complete grownup life. Trump is a strolling, speaking ball of entitlement, and till he’s criminally charged, he won’t ever consider that he could possibly be charged.

It doesn’t need to be the DOJ bringing felony expenses. Each single state the place Trump tried to intrude within the 2020 election outcomes might examine and criminally cost him, and Fulton County, Georgia, is investigating him for election interference proper now.

Solely being centered on the DOJ lets different legislation enforcement officers across the nation off of the hook. Federal legislation enforcement has a infamous and well-earned status for slowness, however that doesn’t imply that others can’t act.

As Rachel Maddow stated, Trump is offering all the data on tv. Hopefully, legislation enforcement someplace has the desire to research and prosecutors the heart to cost him.

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