10 biggest historical mysteries that will probably never be solved

by Msnbctv news staff

There are some historic mysteries which will by no means be solved, from the date that Jesus was born to the id of Jack the Ripper to the placement of Cleopatra’s tomb. Typically, that is as a result of the related excavated materials has been misplaced or an archaeological web site has been destroyed. Different occasions, it is as a result of new proof is unlikely to return ahead or the surviving proof is simply too obscure to guide students to a consensus.

The shortage of solutions solely makes these enigmas extra intriguing. Right here, Reside Science takes a take a look at 14 of those historic questions which will by no means have definitive explanations.

Was there an actual King Arthur?

The King Arthur statue Gallos by Rubin Eynon stands on a rocky headland on the Atlantic coast of Cornwall. (Picture credit score: Shutterstock)

The story of King Arthur has been advised and retold quite a few occasions over greater than 1,000 years. Camelot, the knights of the spherical desk, the wizard Merlin and the sword Excalibur are all well-known components of the Arthurian tales. 

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